For a long time I thought that in my professional career I will climb up the corporate ladder in an outsourcing company. I’ve learnt Spanish, economics, and even the real estate business. However all that turned out to be a distractor. At some point I realized that there was something within me, something that waited patiently, but sometimes reminded me of its existence and pointed my attention to a different path. It was my passion for photography. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been taking photos for fun. In my hometown there was a photography club. That’s where I found out about contests and developed my analog photos in a professional darkroom. My passion, put away for a few years, came back to me after I graduated and started my family.


That’s when I began my career as a wedding and family photographer. Finally, I was able to experience uplifting emotions at work. Joy, empathy, delight – they are there with me during every shoot. I am now an eye witness to the most beautiful stories, capturing your special moments in my photos. Photos that you are happy to go back to, show and pass onto your loved ones.

I now understand that photography is one of my life’s missions.

Apart from taking photos of weddings and families, I also create branding shoots for business and individual clients. This branch of my professional activity is a fantastic way to meet creative and interesting people. Such exchange of inspirations is very important in my life.

A few extra words

My interests are quite broad. My shelves bend under the weight of books on a lot of topics: foreign languages, programming, cooking, yoga, ayurveda, meditation, travel, psychology and fiction. Seriously – I have a private library.

I am a mother of two girls. Currently I live with my family in Spain – on a beautiful island called Mallorca.