Embarking on the journey of wedding planning on the picturesque island of Mallorca brings forth an array of considerations, and one crucial element is the choice of flowers. 

In this blog post, I talk to my dear friend, Mercedes Pascual from Exquisitae, a perfect flower workshop in Palma de Mallorca that serves wedding, business, and individual clients to make their artistic flower decoration vision a reality. 

We delve into the fascinating world of wedding flowers in Mallorca, discussing availability, challenges faced by florists, and the upcoming trends that will set the stage for unforgettable celebrations in 2024.

Kornelia Kruczek: "Can you provide insights into the current flower availability in Mallorca for weddings?"

Mercedes Pascual: Nowadays the worldwide distribution of flowers is immense and we can work with practically any type of flower that is commercialised globally. However, from my point of view, not all flowers are advisable due to their delicacy, easy dehydration, and susceptibility to high temperatures in Mallorca during the Summer season.

"Are there any specific seasonal blooms or local varieties that you often recommend to couples planning their weddings on the island?"

Of course, I always recommend using seasonal flowers because they are the most resistant. It's a way to ally ourselves with nature to achieve the best results. On the other hand, Mallorca is not a place where flowers are especially grown. There are growers but only a few and not many varieties are available. We have varieties of Mediterranean foliage such as pistacea and olive trees which are crucial to achieving rustic and wild decorations in high demand, as most weddings on the islands are held in private venues or fincas (traditional Mallorcan country houses). These foliages help us create decorations in harmony with the environment.

We also have small growers who are dedicated to organic cultivation and km 0.

Some grow special flowers such as ranunculus, dahlias, and peonies, but harvests are minimal and unpredictable. It is not possible to base the floral design of a wedding on these small crops, but adding a touch of these growers is undoubtedly an added value and I always use them whenever I can.

Whether we buy flowers from a local or mainland wholesaler, most of the flowers come from Holland, which is the world's largest distributor of flowers. Wholesalers buy flowers at auction and it is in Holland that the world's most important flower auctions are held.

"As a florist in Mallorca, you must have a unique perspective on wedding flower trends. What are some of the latest or most popular trends in floral decoration for weddings that you have observed, and how can couples incorporate these trends into their destination weddings in Mallorca?"

  1. In my opinion:

Every couple is different and every wedding is different. Requests for floral decoration are very varied.

  • In general, the Mediterranean floral style, the rustic touch, and the wild style flowers are very popular on the island.
  • The floral Garden Style has been on the rise worldwide and will continue to do so. Asymmetrical arrangements, with a predominance of flowers to foliage. It is a seemingly untidy floral style that imitates nature itself. Although at first glance it may not seem so, there is a very specific technique in the realization of these floral arrangements that must be known.
  • Floral decorations are also requested for classic, elegant, and almost monochromatic weddings with white and green as the main colors. On many occasions these decorations are defined as "simple and plain", nothing could be further from the truth. Making this type of decoration is always more difficult because it is necessary to play even more with the design and textures.
  • Defining a color palette and respecting it is key to creating unified spaces and harmony. Let's wait for Pantone to publish the color for 2024. Not always, but sometimes it has been a preview of what is to come in Floral Design.
  • The eco-friendly trend in floristry for weddings will remain forever. Trying to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible by reusing arrangements in the same wedding in different ambiances, using reusable materials in the técnic of the design, and mixing dry varieties with fresh.

2. Some already published trends:

However, here are some of the trends in floral design for 2024 that have already been published.

  • The use of transparencies which translates into letting the flowers breathe in the arrangement offering them a wider space than perhaps they would need and where a second story beyond a flower can be discovered.
  • A natural, minimalist, harmonious, serene, organic, and irregular look mixing recycled dry materials that allow us to maintain beauty over time.
  • The use of fruits and vegetables together with flowers to make floral arrangements offers us the possibility of minimizing costs and environmental impact. For example, the rind of melon could be the perfect base for a floral arrangement for a summer table, using a harmonious, fresh, and coordinated color palette together with some matching flowers.
  • The simplicity and beauty of using only one variety of flowers could have enough merit to be able to use it as a single without losing interest in the arrangement.

"For couples who have recently got engaged and are considering Mallorca as their wedding destination, what advice do you have in terms of choosing flowers, taking into account the local environment and trends? Are there any specific considerations or tips you would offer to help them create a memorable and visually stunning wedding with flowers?"

My personal opinion is that beyond fashions and trends, couples should choose what they like according to their wedding style and venue.

Another would be "Trust your florist", they know better than anyone else because of their experience and training. They will know which flowers are the most suitable and if necessary will suggest substitutes.

In the hands of the florist will be the challenge of adapting your taste to the general concept of floral wedding decoration using the most suitable flowers for it.

Determine a budget, or at least a maximum amount for the floral decoration that will be very much appreciated by the florist and make the budgeting process faster. Depending on the budget certain decorations and even types of flowers could automatically be discarded.

Be clear that quantity and beauty are not the same thing. In other words, using huge quantities of flowers does not guarantee the beauty of a floral wedding decoration.

Be aware that a floral budget does not only consider the flowers themselves. The work before the wedding, the one that is not seen, the one that makes it look beautiful, is the one that will take the highest percentage of the total amount of the floral budget. The floral decoration of a wedding is a full week's work and depending on how the wedding is, several people will be needed to do all the work. Also, the transport of all the decorations to the venue, and the assembly and disassembly of all these concepts have a significant influence on a floral decoration project.

"Being a florist in Mallorca must come with a unique set of challenges - could you share with us what is the most difficult aspect of your work here? Whether it is specific problems of flower availability, weather conditions, or any other factor”

I could highlight 5 aspects:

  1. Working with nature is unpredictable, but experience gives the florist the ability to be quick in resolving problems.
  2. Insularity is an important factor to take into account. It makes it difficult to react and sometimes to resolve unforeseen events immediately, so there is always a certain amount of stress.
  3. Insularity has an impact on prices.
  4. The high temperatures in the high season make it difficult to maintain the flowers from the moment they arrive until they are placed. Keeping the flowers fresh and in good condition is a task that needs daily attention, and care from a week before the wedding. We work with nature, nature is unpredictable and we also work against the clock because our primary material is perishable.
  5. The timetable for the set-up, which is usually the warmest time of the day, is the real challenge for the whole team at all weddings. Setting up a wedding with these very high temperatures and with the inevitable humidity in the air is in my opinion one of the hardest parts and one factor that is not often talked about or acknowledged.

"What makes being a florist in Mallorca as rewarding as it is demanding?"

In my case being a wedding florist is a passion. I am not a wedding florist purely for the material reward that my work can bring me.

A wedding florist works with beauty in itself, her work consists of knowing how to display it in such a way that this beauty shines and multiplies exponentially. For me, every wedding is a challenge and an absolute responsibility.

I enjoy every wedding because it is like having a private date with beauty, and by the end the flowers and I always dance.

On the other hand, a wedding is the most important moment in the life of two people. Having been chosen to be part of that moment is very gratifying for me, that's why "I always offer my best and a little bit more".

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