Pregnancy shoot

A pregnancy shoot often turns out to be a family shoot. However the photos may be taken of the mom-to-be only, and that is also a great idea.

I’m sure I don’t have to convince you that life passes by in the blink of an eye and we suddenly realize that our children are already at school. That’s why I encourage you to invest in a family album. Some time, not too long from now, you’ll be looking at your pregnancy photos and feeling sentimental. What I value the most about my work is that I can be there for the families throughout the years and help build their family mementos.

Where and when will the pregnancy shoot take place?

It can either take place in your home or outdoors. Meadows, beaches are the best - locations filled with natural light create a beautiful background, but also a good space for the kids to play.
The best time to have a pregnancy shoot is the 7th month. By that time, the mom still feels comfortable, and the belly is well visible. There’s also time to develop the photos and take care of the album before the baby is born.

When will the date for our family shoot be saved?

The date will be saved once the conditions of the photoshoot are accepted and a 200 PLN down payment is made.

How long will we wait for the final photos?

Between 7 and 30 working days.


The presented price offer is of an informative character and does not constitute a trade offer in terms of Section 66, paragraph 1 of the Civil Code.