Hi, I’m Kornelia

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve adored taking photos for fun. In my picturesque hometown of Krakow, Poland, there was a photography club. Here I learnt the art of developing analog photos in a professional darkroom. darkroom. Though this deeply entrenched passion was put away for a few years while I undertook studies and started a family, it was always dormant within me, waiting to emerge again. 2018 was the year I commenced my career as a wedding and family photographer. Finally, I was able to experience uplifting emotions at work. Joy, empathy, delight - these are with me during every shoot.

As a wedding photographer I believe capturing your special moments goes beyond taking beautiful pictures; it's about creating a peaceful and enjoyable atmosphere for you and your loved ones. With a genuine desire to be your trusted companion, I strive to establish a bond, ensuring that your wedding day is not only visually stunning but also an experience filled with joy and tranquility.

"Kornelia is not only an incredible photographer, she has a thoughtful, calming, caring way about her, which is perfect when things can feel a bit chaotic on the big day!

We will cherish her pictures forever!"

Kate Bond, bride

I believe we have a lot in common.

If you are here I believe you have a genuine appreciation for your loved ones, placing great importance on family and friends. You exude elegance and possess a penchant for timeless beauty, preferring classical elements while seeking something unique and special to make your wedding experience truly memorable for yourselves and your guests.

You lead fulfilling live, embracing the joy of travel and the opportunity to immerse in different cultures. You have a deep desire to make a difference in the world, actively engaging in good initiatives that contribute positively to society. Your caring nature extends not only to fellow human beings but also to animals.

You possess an inherent love for design and breathtaking spaces. You appreciate the finer details that enhance your wedding celebrations, valuing the creation of an atmosphere that reflects your unique tastes and personalities.

Sounds like you? This is also me. Should we have a chat?

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What defines me?

• I follow my heart.

• I am a European soul with the hardworking spirit of my culture, complementing the American ethic and high-quality standard.

• I am a mother to two little girls and beloved animals who cherish our Mallorcan farm life.

Cherish the moments

you are here to experience

I adore:

• French chic

• Beautiful coffee table books

• Music Hits from the 60s

• Walks on a beach

• Slow evenings enjoying great food with my dear friends

• Lazy mornings with my beautiful family

... and so much more.







My home by choice is Mallorca.

A place that has it all: amazing nature, international spirit & profund cultural traditions.

Immersing myself in books, brings me comfort & solace. I love quiet evenings when I can sit down with a cup of my favourite tea and go through my collection of coffee table albums.

They started a revolution in my life. One of them is an artistic soul, always looking for new ways of expressing her uniqueness. The other is a true hipster with a touch of authoritarianism.

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